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My grandson has a 0-8-0 RTR Set with Bluetooth that runs off a wall wart, and I got him a conventional transformer and a conventional trolley to use on his Fastrack.  He may want to run other conventional locos on the Fastrack layout as well.

Rather than get a different terminal track I wanted to make a barrel connector cable with spade terminals at the other end (to go to the conventional transformer).  Variable to center rail.

I know the barrel connector is center positive.  I don't have it at my house (it is at my grandson's house) so I was wondering if anyone knows the size of the barrel connector that fits (or the barrel size for the wall warts that come with the set)?



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@RickO posted:

If it helps.  There are spade connector terminals underneath each piece of Fastrack.

I actually looked under the track last time I was at their house and took a picture.  It looked like this:


Given that his parents don't like to mess with stuff and they live in an apartment in Queens plugging the barrel connector into it from the conventional transformer makes the most sense.  The boy is five.  I actually made them a better power supply for the wireless 0-8-0 that came with the set using a Dell laptop power supply that I had.  The barrel connector fit, but I didn't measure the size of it.



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Fair enough. I wasn't trying to sway your decision, merely offering another option.

Yes, a barrel jack is much more practical for a 5 year old.

Some folks feel a terminal track is the only manner of hookup, not realizing the spade connections like the ones the barrel jack wires go to, can be found on the bottom of every Fastrack piece except for turnouts.

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