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What scale lumber do you recommend to stock up on and keep handy....

O scale lumber, Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Actually, I keep O scale lumber in every size from 1"x2" up through 12"x22". Here's a couple of my storage racks - 2 more around the corner out of sight....

But, I thnk you'll find that the standard sizes are what anyone/everyone uses more than any other sizes...basically the same sizes that you'll find at the lumber yard, e.g., 1x4, 1x6, 1x8......2x4, 2x6, 2x8......... The odd sizes like 3x14 don't get a lot of use........unless I have an excuse to use it, Wink

That's the way to go IMO.

Much of what I build for the layout isn't critical tolerance work (timber trestles, etc.), and would cost a fortune if I didn't cut most of the wood myself.

Of course, for anything less than about 1/8", the commercial stuff becomes more practical considering the limitations of my equipment.

I did get this new toy recently (a mini-thickness sander), which I'll try out in a few months when the temperature in my garage becomes more bearable. Smile

Originally posted by TonyC:
Originally posted by DPC:
I made a special plate for my table saw that lets me cut really thin stuff.

Are you talking about a zero-clearance-insert or do you have something else?


That's exactly what I'm talking about .I can saw down to an 1/8 and on the band saw down to 1/16.

I like to scratch build and like Jim said it'd cost a fortune to buy it.
An insert is easy to make.

Originally posted by Jim Policastro:

That's an interesting surface sander...
Who makes it?
Does it have a dust collection port?
Is it automatic feed or do you push the stock through by hand?
What's the roller on the infeed table for?

Sorry for all the questions, I've never seen a small surface sander before... I have a large 36" drum sander and I made a sled that I use with thin pieces by sticking them to the sled with double-sided tape... it does an okay job, but on very thin material, like veneer thickness, it will sometimes lift and mangle the material.

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