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I've tried to cut it with one of the "knife" blades for the jigsaw, but that didn't work well, so I can't recommend it.

Those can work well but they get dull very quickly.

I found the best for me was to rough cut what I needed outside with a hand saw, and then do all final cutting using my bandsaw putting the bevels on to make the road bed.  Very minimal dust and a nice polished edge.

I have a Dremel Multi-max that I use for foam. I'm sure it would work great for homasote as well. They have fine tooth blades and since it uses a vibration action to cut the dust level should be low. I usually hold my shop-vac nozzle near the cut to capture the dust.

PS- it's a great tool to have in your arsenal for modeling and honey-do projects.


@Apples55 posted:

I purchased my homosote from Home Depot. Fortunately, my layout is fairly flat, so I had HD cut the 1/2” plywood and the 1/2” homosote which saved me a lot of work and mess. If you do decide to cut it yourself, regardless of the cutting method you use, I Would highly recommend doing outside!!!

We used a metal blade in the jigsaw and two vacuums, very little mess was created.  All the Homasote was cut inside.  It did take two people to man all the vacuums and the saw, but it worked well.

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