About a year ago, I fixed one of these things for a friend.  For the sound of steam chuff there is a wire to a switch in the locomotive.  It has a horn/whistle which is independent of the locomotive.  There are 2 pots on the board which can adjust the sound.  Don’t expect a good steam whistle but it can make a passable diesel horn.  You will need some double sided foam tape to replace the foam used to keep the board in place.  This is important because it also keeps the board from shorting out on the metal tender chassis.

Jeff, the short answer is yes, it has a whistle.


There were about four or five major variations of the Sound-of-Steam board, in use between 1971 and 1989. Some had whistles, some didn't, but none had horns.

You'll need to supply additional information -- photos of the tender with and without the shell on would be best -- to receive the best advice.


gg1man posted:

Sound of Steam from what I understand, is basically produced by a static generator. I doubt if your going to get a whistle out of that.  

SOS w/ whistles appeared on locos beginning with some versions of the 8206 in 1972. The electronic whistles & horns(introduced in 1973) were put on hiatus in the mid 70's  for a while until FunDimensions designed a better controller.


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