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I've got a pretty decent switching layout in HO. Kato Unitrack and power pack. It's on a very wobbly card table though. If I was going to spend heavily on model trains I'd probably make a proper train table, rather than putting the layout (pink foam over thin plywood) on something. Maybe upgrade the track to something more permanent, now that the track plan is stabilized. Sometimes I think about a second locomotive but it's really not needed, you know? No place to park it on the layout, so I'd have to use the big 0-5-0 switcher (my hand) to bring it on and off the layout.

More early Postwar Lionel for me.  Want a matching freight car set to my 1946  726 Berkshire, would like to one of the 1945 sets with the 224.  Late prewar and early postwar are always on my holiday wish lists.    I am also wishing for my fold down 4x8 layout to be rebuilt before the holidays, I think I have a friend lined up that is good with wood working to help with that.    AD

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Actually, I'd like to have the Atlas Gunderson Maxi-IV TTX Heritage Logo and NLAL sets.  All four of them...NIB.  And then I want a small army of 53' Atlas containers for them...also NIB.  I also want the newer Atlas Hapag-Lloyd 40' containers (3 besides the solitary one I have now would be great).  I also want the Lionel Katy Heritage Locomotive NIB.  I also want one of the newer Lionel Cupolacam cabooses, in working condition.  I also want the full set of MTH CSX ES44AC PS2 units...NIB.  I also want the MTH CSX ES44DC PS3 that I wasn't able to obtain...NIB.  I also want about 6 Atlas 40' flexible 3-rail tracks and a small army of 54 and 72 turn outs.


I'm hoping to get a nice, lightly run, no problem, Williams 5200 Brass Loco with tender (but not the Crown Edition) at a reasonable price.  A little too early for me to buy right now, but if you guy start sorting through stuff that  you haven't run for a while, and find one of these, start thinking about Santa and me.  (We don't care about minor scuffs, dings or original boxes.)

I figure I need at least one steamer on my layout.  :-)


I'm planning a trip to the McCormick-Stillman Railway Park/Museum in Scottsdale, Arizona in November. I'll see what they have in the gift shop. Most likely, I'll get some books or maybe an O-Gauge train car (or two). I would like to add the new DCS WTIU to my existing layout. MTH also has a Railking BNSF 25th Anniversary ES44AC/Caboose set and maybe the BNSF 8-car boxcar set that I would buy along with the WTIU. If I get any Lionel stuff, it will probably be some rolling stock or the LCS Wi-Fi and power cable. I still want the BNSF SD70MAC Coal Train Set from earlier this year.

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I'm looking for anything Norfolk and Western . although i think there has only been 3 Railking  N&W sets MTH has made since the early 2000s , could be wrong. I just need to check the product locator if i can get it working

Those would be nice if you're able to find one.  You're right in that there weren't many N&W sets made and none for quite some time.  I wish you luck in your search.


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