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See pictures of a homebuilt crane I picked up as I thought it was neat.C2

While it is definitely not of Bill Lenoir stature, it has a uniqueness all to its own.  The body and frame look to be 18 gauge steel and are extremely square and neatly cut, almost if like done on a shear or milled, and not sawn on filed.  Crane has winch drums and a pivoting boom, but the winch drums are stationary and the "cable" is glued in place.  The cab turns on the house frame.

Biggest question is does anyone recognize the trucks.


They just look too "factory" to me with all the embossing and multilevel bends.  The couplers have somewhat of a Sakai look, but why would Sakai have had US style six wheel trucks.  The axles have no dimples to hold the wheels in gauge, instead using clear plastic tubing cut to length slit to fit over the axle to hold the wheels out.

Also (not pictured) is a boom car of similar build using a set of dissimilar Lionel staple end trucks.

A curious piece for certain.

Gray Lackey


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