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Hey Guys,

I recently received a few Arttista figures.  They are pewter which have been hand painted.

The figures look great, but one of them has really light, washed-out gray clothes.  I would like to repaint the figure with a bit more color, by just painting over the existing paint.

Does anybody know what type of paint Arttista uses on these figures?

I have both enamel model paints, and acrylic paints, but I'm not sure which one would "stick" best.

Thanks for any ideas.


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I have not repainted any of my Artistta figures, but I would expect that either paint type will work fine over the flat paint that Artistta uses.   In the current toxin-adverse culture, probably the original paint is acrylic.  The main challenge is getting paint to adhere to the metal, and that's already been done for you.  Whatever you use, make sure it is a flat paint.

I am up to about 350 painted figures so far.  I use auto primer first with bare metal, bare plastic, or when repainting any gloss painted figure.  The primer improves adherence and coverage of the topcoat of acrylic paint.


If you just want to touch up areas of figures while keeping mostly the original paint then I agree with others here.  Contact Artista to see what they use and try to use the same thing.

I've painted hundreds of plastic and metal miniatures over the past decade.  If you want to do something more involved then my advice would be to try and strip the figures and then prime.  Beyond that it comes down to which types of paints you are most comfortable with.  If they are going to be handled or jostled around I would recommend coating the figures when they are done.  I used either matte or satin varnish.

Wow, a wealth of great advice!

I am just trying to repaint the jacket worn by the figure, from washed-out light gray to a flat green or blue.

I think that I will try contacting Arttista first, since I didn't think that a company like that would be responsive.

On another subject, when I was a little kid, I would paint my plastic Marx Civil War soldiers with my Testor's enamel model paints.   I didn't know a thing about primers, so I didn't prime first.

Surprisingly, the paint stuck very well, and it never peeled off.  Years later, I couldn't event scratch the paint off with my thumbnail.


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