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Going through my pile of kits, I am looking for one that I may want to do after I finish my current TW TrainWorx kit. I came across a Korber Union Ice House kit....

I am a big fan of the dairy industry and its railroading history. So, an ice house with milk cars makes its way onto my layouts. On my modules for the modular group, I have the Walther's ice house and icing platform. I purchased this Korber kit at least 15 years ago. I think it's from the 90s, but I can't be sure.

As far as I remember, Ernie Korber started the complany in the 80s. Then, a relative took it over in the 90s.......followed by Just Trains for awhile, I think. Then Rich 883 purchased it in the aughts, upgraded the kits and documentation......and then sold it to Steve and Liz Nelson (MrMuffin) about 8 or 9 years ago......this is how I remember it, but I suspect that I have some parts incorrect....

Here are the pictures of the kit......I'm hoping that Rich or Steve or anyone can identify which era of Korber this kit is from (from the New Jersey address and the modular nature of the kit, I suspect it is from the late 90)s ......and update me on the correct historical time line of the company.......and, I'm very excited to have this kit....I imagine that thewy are hard to find.

Have a great day, everyone......



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Peter, I’m thinking Myron Biggar was selling these kits under a Buildings Unlimited banner.  The fact that you have the paperwork marked Korber. I’m guessing late 80’s early 90’s. I believe Buildings Unlimted marketed them around 1993.

If you dig through the OGR digital magazine archives you should see a number of adds around that time. I remember sending to Korber for what amounted to be a flyer showing there building. Sent a money order and waited. No internet in those days. One of my first kits was the Blackshear Refrigerated warehouse. Funny thing is. I read a little in MR on how to paint bricks and do mortar. To this day. The brickwork looks better than anything I ever did afterwards.  I built it in our previous house right before we moved on the kitchen table. 34 years ago.

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