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Another Brooklyn NY store that I remember that carried Lionel was Carnival Sports on Ave P and E.J Corvettes on Fulton Street in downtown Brooklyn.  Back in the 1950's and 1960's when I lived in Bensonhurst you couldn't go a mile without finding a store that carried model Trains. Later when I moved to NJ, I remember Two Guys department stores that always had an excellent after Christmas sales but then after getting married in 1975 the train shows started and I began purchasing there

I think you meant E.J. Korvettes, which was also off the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn. That’s where I got some of my HO trains in the early 1970s. And where I saw N scale trains for the first time. 

Jim R. 

Mominere & Kemp later called Field's Hobby Shop in Catonsville, MD was my favorite train store when I was growing up in the 1950's.  I stop in there everyday on the way home from school just to drool and dream of owning their Lionel trains.  65 years later I'm still thinking about that store and the many fond memories.

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Hi Joe,

Located 2 minutes  north of the Airport Circle (the Pub was there and still is).I believe there was a Kiddie City ,in the same vicinity.Later Harrys toy store.And a small amusement park. Circa late 50 s early 60 s.Joe you sent me right down memory lane !!

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Hobby Corner !!  I faintly remember that but not the trains. I think they carried a lot of model kits, too. There was a hobby shop in Springdale, Pa. run by Neil Boggiano who  I saw recently at the Greenberg show. Neil was big in to brass, an excellent photographer, knew where all the tracks were in the Pgh area. Neil retired, closed the store and living the good life.

I clearly remember an amazing selection of model kits, as well as model rockets. The train selection was pretty great for the small store that it was. Also the shop had a cool window layout, small but with O HO and N scale trains on it. 

Speaking of old train stores, I have a catalog cover I found in a stack of model railroading magazines I bought at the Western PA Model Railroad museum. Does anyone know about the shop stamped on the catalog cover? Albert’s is the name of the store. It was before my time but I’m curious because I lived close to route 8 for years. 


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While not train stores per se, I sure enjoyed visiting department and variety stores with hobby departments growing up. Places like Two Guys, Korvette, Woolworth and Newberry had a great selection of trains. I remember picking tin Marx freight cars out of trays on the counter at our local 5 and 10 for about 50 cents each.


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Joe the Motorist's Friend...always a big selection of Lionel at Christmas. Ran ads similar to this:

That ad brings back fond memories as a kid.  Thanks for posting.




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