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The Facebook page for this locomotive confirmed yesterday that the engine is for sale and the engine will be evicted in July. Hopefully someone steps up but it seems less than hopeful at this point. 

To my knowledge, that post has since been taken down. I truly wonder if this was really a hoax from the beginning. If Mr. Campbell was that serious in selling why would he post it on Ebay? It's not like some "Joe Schmo" is going to know what to do with it...

Huh, the plot thickens... 

Can the guys over here at OGR get this news out to more people. Right now, not enough people know about this loco and it’s saga to do anything about it BEFORE July 1st. The locomotive is McKees Rocks, PA, on a spur with no connection to the main, The roads are to narrow to move her by truck, but she could potentially be disassembled and loaded onto flatcars as CSX allowed with C&O 1309. This is the last of the B&LE 2-10-4s left and it needs to be saved. Regardless of the owner’s previous claims and deals, the locomotive has to be sold due to the land it rests on being sold. There is also an N&W Auxillary water tender at this site and an ALCo S1. Both need homes also. Please support the rescue of 643 by telling others of this!! Here is the RYPN link.

Modeling Enola PA in miniature

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...she could potentially be disassembled and loaded onto flatcars as CSX allowed with C&O 1309...

There is a huge difference between these two locomotives and their respective situations.

  • The 1309 had a place to go to earn revenue.
  • The existing ownership of the 1309 was not in doubt.
  • It had an organization willing and able to take ownership.
  • It was easy, all-rail to move from Baltimore to Hagerstown
  • The locomotive is well-suited to her new role at the WM Scenic.

By contrast...

  • The 643 has nowhere to go.
  • The existing ownership of the 643 is in doubt.
  • There is no organization willing or able to take ownership, even if clear title could be obtained.
  • It will be very difficult and expensive to move the 643 anywhere.
  • The 643 is not a good candidate for an excursion locomotive. It's too big, heavy and slow.

It's a tough situation for sure, and without a sugar daddy coming to the rescue with substantial 6-figure money, the 643's future is very bleak.

Rich Melvin

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