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OK it's just a bit of fun, we see all these beautiful layouts when they are finished or even unfinished layouts looking neat and tidy but when you are working on them what do they look like?

I'll post some photos of the Yulan Valley RR while I'm working on it and later when I have finished. I'm doing some scenery around the back of the Rolling Mill so I have to lift off the building to get to it looks a mess but not for long. I like to get these "layout" projects done early in the week and see if the operators notice any changes when the they turn up on Friday. Last week they all failed I repainted the Pedestrian Bridge from green to brown and no one noticed it till I mentioned it, I have done some changes around the layout this week, not really changes, just finishing off small areas interesting to see if anyone notices. Roo.





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The room is approx., 28 feet by 28 feet and the railroad is just one big industrial area, which is how I like it never been interested in Mainline trains.

This is the last layout I intend to build I hope to finish it off completely before I go it's what I like doing.

Today though it's locomotive day, I have locomotives to modify for the Steel Mill but if I get sick of working at the bench I just turn to my right and walk into the room and run some trains or work on the scenery. Thanks. Roo.






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