Whatever happened to this 3rd Rail

3rd Rail had announced they were doing an ACE 3000 steam locomotive and then the announcement disappeared    I took it for granted that this was cancelled  But when I received my reservation for the newly announce FA's I noticed the reservation for the ACE 3000 was on there also    So whats the story Scott   Is it a yay or nay   Would love to see this baby done



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Bummer. I did reserve the demo model for sure. It would have been a very unique model. But given the low rnumbers of what i would have thought to be "highly desirable" models such as the AFT 2-10-4, the E6 diesel demonstrator, the Amtrak cars, alas I can see it is not to be.

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rheil posted:

The ACE 3000 will not be done. There were virtually no reservations (actually 3 or 4 as I recall) for it.

Sorry to hijack the thread but how are the H10 mikado reservations going?

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