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1. New stuff now up on the website.  These are what we have left from recent deliveries from Atlas and MTH..

Atlas...50' Hy-cube box cars. 33.000 gallon LPG tank cars, 40' Airslide covered hoppers, GP-7's (just a few extras), and pullman-Bradley 80' coaches (just a few left)

MTH...Steel drop bottom gondolas, Northeastern Style cupola cabooses.  Just a few SW1500's and RS-1's left

2. Pre-orders SHIPPING....Atlas 50' high cube box cars shipping starting May 23rd.    MTH drop bottom gonds, NErn cabooses ship starting  May 25th or so.

Atlas GP-7's, airslides, 33,000 gal tank cars, P-B coaches...due to arrive here Jun 1st or so... will start shipping when they get here.

3. Arriving mid june that I know of so far.... Atlas Cylindrical covered hoppers and 45' pines trailers



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