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It all depends on the seller.  Some pack up on Friday and go, provided they can get someone to cover their table.  The sellers who stay will start packing at any point that they feel they should (depending how many tables/much stuff they have) and the official end of the show is 2 pm.

If you are truly wanting to do some shopping, be there when it opens.

Dealer Halls close at 3:00PM on Saturday.

Just like any trade show, people are tired and some start packing up early. Although a bit depressing to see vendors packing up, my son and I got some of our Best Buys in the last hour of the member and dealer halls closing. Vendors were happy to make another sale and have one less item to pack up and gave us great deals. Some stayed fully open right until close and others started packing up items but you could still snoop around. Funny enough I spotted some items better because there was less to distract my eyes.  Still a worthwhile outing today!

I can't speak for anyone other than myself, but I usually start getting ready to pack up around 1-1:30 p.m., depending on the number of shoppers still wandering around.  This means putting engines back in boxes and staging items that will likely be packed together.  I pack nothing in the transport tubs until around 1:50 p.m.  When "Happy Trails" starts to play, I then go into high gear.


For many years I attended York only on Saturdays due to work requirements.  I can concur on two comments made above:

1.  In response to the OP's original question, I believe many, but not all, sellers pack up early especially in the member halls.  I remember a Saturday years ago where one of the halls was pretty much empty by noon, although they have tried harder to prevent this.

2.  Still want to go on Saturday?  You can get great deals on common products.  For example if you want a RK diesel in any road, they can be found cheap.  Or if you are looking for inexpensive freight cars, Saturday is a good day to buy.  However, if you are looking for something specific, especially something uncommon or sought after, those will be gone by Thursday night unless priced way too high.

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I frequently can only go Saturday because of work commitments.

I suggest you be there when the doors open.

Tables start to empty by 2:00 and it can be tough to find a table where at least some items have not already been packed, by 2:30. (set back an hour for member halls)

As stated, you may not find hard to get items on Saturday, as they have already been purchased.

But, you will find many nice pieces and I have even found hard to get items that are selling at a lower price on Saturday at 1:00 than they did on Thursday and Friday. Plus, "you never know until you ask" and sellers may be willing to come way down from their posted price late on Saturday.

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