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Every once in a while I tend to go through stuff, I have always liked putting future loco projects in shoe boxes, it helps to have big feet I guess.  Anyway, some boxes are been used for a few locos over time and some have been sitting way too long.  I tend to take inventory and pick up a few parts here and there and pair things together until they find their way onto the workbench.  Interestingly, I think all of these have good drivers either from me doing some earlier work or them just showing up in usable condition.  So at this point it is mostly about them getting time on the bench and a few more small parts here and there.  Steamerdave still gives a hard time lol.  SO a pile of shoe boxes and a junkyard full of projects.



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Dennis. You said: "a pile of shoe boxes and a junkyard full of projects." Sounds just like we would all expect from you.

Dave/Steamer is a good guy.

Keep up the work on those projects. Some of those locos look too clean, by the way!


PS-if you have size 13 feet like me, you can fit in more parts.

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