Was wondering about suggestions for better quality DC can motors for Lionel trains.

I have some of the lower end sets and even more expensive items and the motors seem to burn out easy compared to most other products on the market; Old K-Line, MTH and the brute reliable stump puller Williams engines.


I do not want to just order more of the same motors from Lionel??

0-6-0 switcher engine, Thomas engines, various Christmas sets etc.

I tend to keep the cars behind the Lionel engines short few cars and light weight but do like to run the engines for long periods at shows displays.

They will get a lot of use.

Never a problem with other companies they are reliable and run for hours over many years?


But what about replacement for the Lionel  engines?

Here is a recent 4-4-2 engine needing a motor and same motor from a similar 2-4-2 sitting on top??



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We found out with the display layout built for a local shopping center that using starter set locos for long term running is not a good idea. Even with push buttons and timers, the kids keep them running so much they wear out quick. The most reliable locos we found for long term running were the Williams diesels.



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