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Other than Lionel that is.

I thought this would be easy but I have yet to find a source for Leoco 4 pin connectors as used on Lionel's motor driver boards. They appear to be part number 2420S, 2.5mm pitch or just under .100" . I tried the usual suspects including Digikey, Allied, Newark, Mouser. No Luck.

Does another company make an identical one? I prefer to roll my own.



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So that's the 2420S040000 white 4 ckt.

I believe that is the plug that Electric RR uses in their Cruise M well as other of their products. I wonder if they bought them all . Any possibility that they have a stock?

I think SZH also brings up Leoco connectors. I think it stands for the Suzhou in

 Leoco(Suzhou)Precise Industrial Co Ltd

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Chuck I checked the Leoco site. The 2024S is the style. The two digits following that is the number of positions. The last digit signifies color, 0 for white, 2 for red. Also the number for the pins, 2453T, is also out of stock.

The Leoco webpage does not list any sales outlets other than direct. I don't need ten thousand pieces.

I have emailed them to try and find out if there are any more distributors. I can get assembled cables from Lionel but at a premium price. I have been able to find virtually all of the other connectors used by Lionel and MTH but this particular one has eluded me. I would prefer not having to jury rig a connector but it could be done using someone elses 2.5mm connector.



PaperTRW posted:

Pete, I have genuine 4-pin LEOCO connectors.

Shoot me a note with how many you need, and we'll go from there.


Todd, I appreciate the offer but after finding a better picture of the JSTs it does look like they are identical. The first pictures I found were pretty blurry. I have an account with Digikey and order from the frequently so I will go that route.

Thank you for all the suggestions.


gunrunnerjohn posted:

There's no problem to find compatible connectors, Digikey has tons of them!

The JST-EH line is the 2.5mm connectors.

The JST-PH line is the 2.0mm connectors.

If you need Lionel Legacy connectors, the JST-ZH line is the 1.5mm connectors commonly used in Legacy.

John, do you know what type of JST connector is used on RailSounds boards? Is it the XH style? I have been on the old interweb looking at a lot of pictures posted by varous suppliers, and just can't quite tell if that is the correct style.


cjack posted:

Seems like the 2.5 has a ridge on the side and the 2.0 is smooth sided.

Yeah, there must be a small nubbin on the side of each male connector because the female connectors on the board all have a little locking mechanism on the sides.



Initially I thought the connectors were 2.0mm, but after a more careful inspection, the ones on the board above appear to be 2.44mm, so..... 2.5mm or 2.54mm (seems to be a standard)?


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gunrunnerjohn posted:

Those boards use the JST-EH family of connectors.  I don't know how you're measuring, but they're 2.5mm on that board.

I measured across a 4 pin connector from the center of the left pin to the center of the right pin, then divided that answer by 3 to determine pin spacing. Granted, pins could have been "leaning" one way or the other, but it sounds like we're on the same page. Now to find some JST-EH connectors on da bay, with little wires already attached, in mass quantities, at really cheap prices....

Thanks John

As John mentioned above, Digikey is a great souce for the 2.5mm LEOCO-compatible JST-EH connectors.

Lionel Service also has them for sale, albeit at "retail" prices. Just search the following string: 691cn25

Lionel also has the wires with the metal connectors on them -- you'll see them with the same search string above. I'd like to find another source (as Lionel is out of a lot of colors), but haven't had much luck to date.


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