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So I am not a 3RS guy in general but I thought you good folks could help with this quest.  MTH is issuing a version of the PP&L 2102 Switcher in the Montana scheme.  This engine got shipped back east to the Brunner Island plant.  I want to modify mine to be more like the prototype and one of the stand out features is the lighting package for remote control operation.  There's lots of other difference due to a lifetime's worth of real world modifications, but not having these lights just wouldn't be the same.  I am sure I could have some one wire them correctly, but where would I find lights like this in O scale?

DSCN9742 [002)


When the Lokie showed up on the property the lights were removed for the journey and it was still in full PPL paint.  The PPL logo was partially painted over with a plain white block.  It also has enough horns to wake the dead.


One of things I just noticed today was that the cab windows have been modified. The windows look like they came of a GP unit.  Below is a screen grab of the mth offering artwork.

2102 mth version

The trucks and fuel tank are wrong too.  The model is being being brought to market by Pat's Trains in Wheeling WV.  I sent Pat a bunch of prototype pictures but I do not know if any changes were made after this artwork was issued.  Anyway, I really want to add the lights, which I guess now means modding the cab windows too and trying to match the paint.

Any help appreciated



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You might look at the strings of small LED lights made for 0 scale Christmas trees and similar holiday decorations.  I ran across a set of 25 lights, in R-Y-G, sold by Dept 56, cat # 52728 which have a similar shape to the globes in your photos, though without the optional wire guards;  I bought these many years ago at a post-holiday 75% off [ or similar ] sale.  They are powered by 3v batteries or equivalent.  These have been discontinued for some time but there seem to be others readily available;  not sure how you would get the clear / "white" light other than by removing the color of the globe if possible.  The lights each have a round plastic black base which could be painted silver;  if you inserted the lights through holes from inside the cab that would hide the wiring the resultant effect would be good, less the guards and pipe bracket portion;  the latter is easy, but I think you'd need fine music wire and very good hands to do the guards.

You probably know the following, but just in case....

-  These lights are [ or were ] often referred to in heavy industry [ steel mills etc ] as "Lintern lights", after a manufacturer;  they are also used on overhead cranes or at fixed locations.

-  In a typical loco radio control application Green indicated Forward direction enabled;  Amber, Reverse;  and Red, loco brakes applied [ or at least commanded...];  while F & R would be mutually exclusive, you would have Red + a direction if the brakes were applied.  The 'white' light has different applications, but often indicates the trainline brake is charged [ > n psi ].

Have fun !


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I have done industrial work my whole career and had not heard the term "Lintern lights."  And I did not yet have time to get a copy of the manual to determine the light sequence or application.   Thank you so much! 

Also love the idea of repurposing existing lights for this application 🙂

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