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Thanks for sharing this great article. I have a grandson with special needs and at our last trip to the Strasburg (PA) RR he was fascinated by the  size and bluster of the steam engines. Like the boy in the article he normally avoids loud noises, but could not get close enough to the big machine and all of its sounds.  I have taken two generations of my own children, nephews and nieces, cousins, and grand children of all ages  trackside for years. The all still have an interest in some aspect of railroading in varying  degrees; some quite serious.   The point is we have a lot to share with the generations that follow us. And what a joy it is!


This story resonates with me.  I have a special needs daughter.  Of all my kids, she is the one smitten with trains.  We thoroughly enjoy running trains together and she has completely mastered the MTH DCS app.  Trains have become a great way for us to connect.  This is a great hobby!

My wife taught special needs children for many years.  Her take on why some are attracted to trains is because trains are orderly.  Some children need that order.  It helps them cope with life, which as we all know can be anything but orderly.  

Dan Padova


"In the course of my life I have had to eat my words, and I must confess it was a wholesome diet"..........Winston Churchill


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