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Those of you who are Table Holders or just helping out at a Table, please post where you will be.....Hall, aisle, table number,etc......

It is always fun to put a face with a name.

I will be a few places. Much of the time I will be wandering around the Bandit Meets, including the new Pre-Meet in the Purple Hall. I'm easy to spot......look for the dorkie-looking guy with nerd glasses, wearing River CIty 3 Railer gear. When I'm not wandering, I'' either be in the Silver Hall manning the 2024 Convention Sales Table or booth WW-7 (note location change as of 10/7)  in the Orange Hall manning the River City 3 Railers 6x15 layout, the one with the D-27 simulation.


See you all soon!



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@dk122trains posted:

I will be a moving target spending and buying!!!👍

Yeah, I will be like Don, but most likely taking quite a number of pictures. I will be looking for Pennsy passenger cars, but taking a load of pictures. My cousin's son in law is into trains too, postwar stuff so I want to get a bunch of pictures in for him. Hea also a tinkerer, so that will give him so idea of what all there is to see at York.

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