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I have a new 38x27 layout that I am just adding Legacy to.   I have heard that I should not plug in the Legacy base to the same power strip as the Lionel 180 bricks I am using for power.  (True?)

I have two circuits in my train room.  One 20 Amp circuit just for the layout that the 180 bricks are plugged in to and the other is a whole room 15 amp that powers the lights, exhaust fan and wall outlets which surround the layout.   

So my question is if it is better to plug the 990 Legacy base into the same 20 amp circuit as the power bricks or plug it in to the 15 amp circuit that powers the lights above and the wall outlets that surround the layout.   Thinking the latter because the ground surrounds the room but is that an issue if the track is all powered from a different circuit whose ground terminates in a floor outlet in the center of the room?   I also have a buffer but have not installed it but assume it should be plugged into the same circuit as the legacy base.

I appreciate all thoughts and insights.

Greg in Wisconsin.





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GRJ, I was not aware of this. As mentioned, no surge protector between the command base and the outlet. May I ask why as I have been doing this for three years with no problem. My system is piggybacked onto my DCS system. Do I need to make up a box with a DPDT switch just for the Command base Legacy System so I can turn it off without going under the table to unplug it?


One 115 volt circuit does most everything.   Legacy base is added to this.   (6) duplex outlet usually does it all, unfortunately some of the wall warts hog space. A couple of Z4000's, also plug-in.    Power is the 12 gauge pink cord, yellow cord ends.  

One of the problems with more than (1) 115 volt circuit is phasing.  Another lengthy discussion not necessary, just use one circuit.  IMO, Mike CT

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