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Hi All, I am really pretty new here so I hope to ask the right Questions. I bought a Premier FA-2 ABA 3 piece Diesel Engine set. Now, It would not run initially so took it to Clyde in Oberlin, Ohio. I got it back but now I am wondering which engine goes on first? I understand that both the A units are equipped with 2 drive motors and my question is, Does it matter which engine goes on first with the dummy next and the 2nd powered engine third? I also have a second question. I put a new set of tracks under my double 4 x 8 layouts. The track is the old Lionel 3 rail track lying on thin plywood base. I set one of my MTH Big Boy's on it to test it but when I powered it but engine would not run. The horn, bell and talk is working but engine will not run. Is there a command I need to give to run this unit. My transformer is the Z-1000. Attached is a pic of the 3 rail track and Big Boy. Appreciate any help.


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Regarding the diesels, there is one direction designated by the factory as "forward."  When you power it up, that will be the first direction it moves in after shifting out of neutral / "start-up."  However, if they were my locos, I would make an effort to swap them around and let both 'A' units have a turn in front, so that the gears and wheel flanges wear evenly in both directions.

Can't help you too much with the Big Boy, the lack of motion could be a lot of things, most having to do with the factory electronics.  Hopefully someone on the forum will help you troubleshoot this problem.

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