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@donhradio posted:
Maybe I'll bump into Allan M, and we can once again compare how our hearts are doing :-)

I'm up to 9 stents now, but still am VERY thankful for every new sunrise I get to witness!

This old ticker of mine is holding up well since the six bypasses it had in 2000. My cardiologist says everything is consistent in my annual visits to him, and I've been seeing the same doc for some 15 years now. Like you, I'm just thankful for every day I am given. Hope to see you at York!

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@MIKATT1 posted:

I have two good York questions:

1.   Will the OGR gold hall (grandstand) meeting be held?

2. Will the Quaker Steak and lube get together take place?

I know the LCCA Dutch treat dinner at Smokey Bones is cancelled

I can't really answer that yet because nothing has been finally determined. Depends on how things shape up over the next week or so. I imagine the Quaker Steak get-together can be held on Thursday evening regardless of any formal arrangement (folks just show up), but Ed would have to respond in regard to any grandstand meeting. He has had more than his share of health concerns in recent months, so we will just have to see how things develop. Another concern for that meeting would, of course, be related to how many manufacturers/suppliers actually are available at York AND able to participate in such a meeting. Folks need to understand that this York will likely be unlike any other held in recent years, for fairly obvious reasons.

@amtrack5899 posted:

I think I read somewhere that they added another hall (Yellow hall) . I don’t see it on the map. I assume its to accommodate the social distancing guidelines.  Where is it located and why would they add another hall if the orange hall is not going to be full?

I believe the Yellow Hall is under the grandstands.  This hall was reportedly used prior to the construction of the Orange Hall, which was before I started attending York.


The Orange Hall, in particular, is shaping up to be a very interesting place this time around. One hunch I have though:

There will be a good many TCA members coming to this October York event because they have been cooped up and away from friends and the "train scene" for going on two years or more. Those manufacturers/suppliers/dealers who DO show up will likely do especially well at this meet because there will be hobbyists there with money to spend. Most folks will not want to leave York with their wallets still full, even if everything they might have been looking/hoping for can't be found.


Great point. Totally agree.


Each vendor has to make their own decision on whether or not to attend York.  The status of the pandemic in PA to include using/not using masks, and return on investment (how many people will actually show up for the effort/cost of attending).  A smaller business would be greatly hurt if one of its employees contracted the virus, so I am sure that is the primary reason for not attending.

I am a TCA member and tired of being cooped up and not seeing train friends, and have my Oct 21-23 yellow pass.  But reading this forum (not just this topic) and seeing how many here do not plan to wear a mask to keep the Delta variant in check bothers me enough that I am no longer going.  I work with children so I am very cautious.

Maybe more vendors, who would be face-to-face with hundreds of folks every day, would have attended if they knew there would be a mask requirement and other controls in place.  Guess we will never know.

Sure sounds like a different York than all others I have attended. And I haven't missed one since 1993. I am on the "time to get rid of stuff" side of this hobby, with no compulsion to do it quickly. I enjoy the camaraderie at York. I will no longer be going to the Spring York meets because we will be in FL then.

I think that looking at the ROI on a specific show is a red herring (false measurement) for manufacturers and dealers. Lionel does not sell at York and MTH sold only parts. So they weren't there to sell. Relationships with customers are important and those get cemented and broken at events like York. Good will is also an important factor for any business enterprise. I understand the risks of COVID and the importance of having healthy employees. You cannot open your doors or ship product with people who are out sick.

I am looking forward to York. And while I am on the "get rid of stuff" side of the hobby, if I see something I really want...........


Just spent about a half hour having to edit and delete the COVID 19 posts that actually had nothing to do with this topic.  This topic is / had turned into another COVID 19 debate and we don't need that on this forum.  Enough already, tune in to your TV if you want to be bombarded with that kind of discussion/news.  Topic closed.

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