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Good morning,

I purchased last year a 6-8406 #783 Hudson and I'm just now getting around to going through it a bit.  It needs a new smoke resistor.  I'm not even sure they sell the one anymore that comes out of it, but is there one that is preferred (uprated, maybe??) when putting a new one in these MPC engines?

Thank you.

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@VHubbard posted:

27 ohm unit and wicking material in my case.  See my 783 tuneup.

Great info!  I think I read on here that they changed the armature with the 785.?  I ended up doing a motor swap from my 2006ish 773 and I put it in the 783.  I also put some Red N Tacky in the gearbox.  It's so much quieter now.  I'm anxious to get another resistor so I can button it up.  I'm going to remove the SOS and put a Polar Express type air whistle in it.  At least I think I am...jury might still be out.

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