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I had a similar project and used what I had, a 35 amp, 1000v. Definitely overkill but you can buy 5 for $8 and these are rugged. The answer to your question is how much of what you need do you have around such as wire terminals a junction block, fuse,  holder, capacitor, etc. If you have to buy it all plus shipping, might be better to buy the ho supply. A lot of folks buy computer charger  power supplies, they are a bargain.

Arthur,  Here are the ones I used. Looks like they are now 3 for $7.

I am not an electronics specification guru but I think the 1000v is a peak inverse  number for situations like spikes or transients.  Several of our experts may chime in but here is the fine print:

  • Part Number: KBPC 3510 / Forward Current : 35 A / Maxixum Repetitive Peak Reverse Voltage : 1000 V


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