Whistle and bell upgrades for the layout

Here are a couple of fun upgrades for the layout.  They both sound great, but the best part is they will never become obsolete nor require a software update.  The bell was originally a foot operated device on a Cleveland Railway streetcar, and was cleaned up, repainted and mounted to some wood to function similarly to its original configuration.  The bellows whistle is a design I had originally run across on YouTube, and mine is a slight variation on that pattern.  It has been tuned a bit lower, more like an N&W hooter or a tugboat.  Here are a couple of very short clips where you can listen to their respective sounds.





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I love these ideas: Low tech and yet impressive. That whistle for what it is, has a pretty decent sound to my hearing.

Many are impressed with all the digital / circuit board effects today. And true, many of the new features are indeed impressive. But I find more enjoyment and inspiration from simple ideas like this and the creativity that goes into them.




Those are really neat devices you have created there. Those would be irresistible for any kids near by! They would love these things. I would probably be using them frequently myself. Hard to resist as you say. Any plans, measurements, tips about building, etc. you could post?

thanks for posting these are really good ideas!

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