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   Welcome to Whistle Stop Wednesday Videos. This week's featured engines are the Lionel Legacy Canadian Pacific SD90MAC s in a Multiple Unit. Great lengths on these to lashed together to form this MU. And for your viewing pleasure a drive by featuring the PRR Fantasy Vision Line Class A. Hope you enjoy this video. Please post some of your video on WSWV.

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Thanks Laz.  I also love those Lionel diesels.  Great running sounds, particularly when pulling freight.

You invited it so here we go.  2 MUs, Lionel UP Heritage units Missouri Pacific SD70ACe with the "Katy" SD70ACe pulling mixed freight and the Canadian National Dash 9 with Canadian National GP35 pulling distillation towers.

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@laz1957 posted:
Thanks GUYZ a for the CONGAs.
WOOD, that IS some awesome power!!!! Love the MU and the CN!!! Coming right into my Parlor!!!!😉👍👍 I gotta get that MP, that is nice. Maybe look for it at YORK?
Thanks Laz. The MP is the best of the UP Heritage Series. The Katy comes in a close 2nd. Lionel offered these again in the 2022 catalog.
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Wood nice consists.

Laz you got some winnahs also, especially the fake A. Why not change it to something that Winston Link would be proud of instead of that offbreed (it does look and run really nice.

But one comment. Geese honk, dogs bark, cats meow, sheep baa, lions roar, and Diesel engines rumble, be they boat or train.  Just an observation.

Enjoyed the great video. Sunny and nice here. My son sent this a few minutes ago… where is he? You are a traveling fisherman and should recognize Blackbeard’s lair.



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