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    Welcome to Whistle Stop Wednesday Videos. This week's featured engine is the Lionel Legacy 2-6-0 Strasburg Mogul, 1970s version. Awesome running, smoking, and has some great sounding banter between the cab and tower. Hope you enjoy this video. Thanks for your support.

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I watched a bit of it this morning, but had to move to another window before leaving. I'm going to watch it again full screen once I get home. Great video from what I seen/heard of Laz.

Hey, also, did you have any derailment issues at all? There's a few topics on 89 where the operators had issues with different types of track causing derailments, including FasTrack. Just curious.

No problem Laz. Sean did a great video on replacing the tires, and to be honest, I dread doing that. I had to change out one on my S1 Electric as it threw one right out of the box just on the initial run(not even a foot down the curve). Took me about 8 minutes to remove and replace that tire. I had to improvise with some oddball tools that filled in for what I should be using. Tweezers, toenail clipper and a toothpick I believe. The toenail clipper has that one attachment on the opposite end used to scrape underneath nails, that was used with the toothpick to position the tire and press it in the groove. The tweezers filled in on other spots in the beginning and the end. Quite a bit of work for sure with those. A lot of work but it got the job done. I really need a model railroader's tool kit.


  Again thanks for the video.  My Mogul ran good on all the switches going one way clockwise, but started acting up going the opposite way, go figure.  So I figured why wait and dove in to it.  Yes a bit of a challenge to get them off being in the front drivers.  But I had the small wrench, 9/32” and had no problem taking it off along with the middle screw.  Replaced both with MTH traction tires and all is good.  Yes the Lionel traction tire are thicker than the MTH.

That is good Laz, glad that you were able to get that cleared up. I know when problems arise, I will message one or more of my forum buddies to try and fix whatever issue I'm having. When I get settled today, I have to restring my 3rd Rail Mohawk's bell cord wire. Not exactly easy thing to do, just need a steady hand, patience, and good lighting. Lord help me if I can't do it, but I'll get it somehow.

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