I have a streamlined tender that came with my 736. With the engine and tender operating on the track, everything is fine until I blow the whistle. Pushing the transformer whistle button, the whistle blows loud and strong. When I release the whistle button, the whistle keeps blowing loud and strong. If I kill the power to the track, the whistle shuts off (it should without power). I can then put power to the track and the engine will run and the whistle remain quiet, until the next time I push the whistle button.

Obviously, the whistle relay does not drop out when I release the whistle button, but does when I take away track power. Anyone seen this before? I'd like to fix it but I'm stumped right now.


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yes I have seen that before the contact is probably sticking together because the contacts are pitted n corroded , you can polish rhe contacts with emery paper or something like that ,otherwise just replace the whistle relay and that will fix your problem 



The bottom plate on the relay might be magnetized.  I've had that happen a number of times with different relays.  First thing I'd try is to rap the frame of the relay with a small hammer.  If that doesn't work, you can put a piece of Scotch tape on the bottom of the relay plate. If you center it right, the relay will still work, but the tape is enough to break the magnetism.



Just a clarification on the tape placement. I looked at one of the relays that I've done that to and I've got the tape across the round copper piece at the bottom of the coil (which is ABOVE the movable bottom relay plate). If magnetism is your problem, that should solve it.


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