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Hi there!!!

I needed a break from the two intense builds that I have going (SP&S Transfer Caboose and Red Caboose GP9)....So I ventured off to build a MOW--Loco Service truck.  I used the Atlantis re-release of the old Revell Sinclair tanker.  This kit brings back some memories from the 50's and 60's for sure!

The re-release is a welcome addition to the 1/48 scale vehicle selection.  However, it does take some time and patience to build.  There are many sink marks most notably in the two figures and the tires and some flash here and there.  I am working to fill some of the sink holes but that is a slow process for sure.  The fit is a bit twitchy so it takes some time and a bit of sanding and mini-file work to make things right.  In the interim I designed a flat bed type of truck that I will use as a loco service truck or MOW vehicle.

The front tire/wheel set on my kit had some bad sink marks so I reworked two of the inner tire / wheel sets from the trailer.  I marked 8 holes around the inner wheel and drilled them out with a .032 drill.....  I then aded some Tichy Nut-bolt-washers castings to finish the wheel.  One other change was to remove the front axel spindles and pin them with "U" shaped .032 brass rod.   This allows the wheels to be posed left or right instead of just straight ahead.  This small change is highly recommended as it gives a sense of "recent-motion" if you will to the truck when it is posed on the layout.

Many more detail items to add but I just needed a break and this what I came up with.....

See the photos below.....   I am especially pleased with the results of the Tichy NBW / Lug Nut changes for the front wheels....guess I should add some .010 brass rod to simulate the air valves!!!!   )

Hope you enjoy.....


Bill   (AZBill)





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