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I have been creating O-gauge White Pass rolling stock for years. I found a computer model of a GE Shovelnose created by a talented 3D modeler named James Will. A few years ago James had a stroke and can only communicate with eye movement now. I spoke with James' Wife, who talked to James about it. He has given me permission to sell his model through the Shapeways platform. I also have done some modeling of rolling stock myself.



I scaled these White Pass models so that they are printable in O, S, HO, and N-scale. Available on

These GE shovelnose locomotives are being sold off, by the White Pass and Yukon Route Railroad, and may soon appear at a narrow gauge railroad near you. The containers were used for hauling ore from the Anvil mine in the 70s and 80s.


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@Ron_S posted:


Every post you do brings back many memories from my time there in 1975, I have wanted to return ever since for a visit and ride to White Horse but have yet to be able to convince the other half it is a destination for our bucket list.

Well, you can't ride to Whitehorse anymore. The section from Carcross to Whitehorse hasn't been used since the 80s. But the ride is still breathtaking.

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