Dear folks,

I'm still working on my On3 White Pass. At the present time, I'm working on caboose 905. The caboose 903 will follow.

This means by now, that I have then all steel cabooses of the WP&YR. 901, 903, 905 and 907.

New brass windows were made with the correct radius on the corners. It looks now much better.

I also updated my web site again at

Have fun and enjoy the White Pass & Yukon Route




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Jut curious, have you ever thought of taking a Bachmann On30 ten-wheeler and re-gauging it to make a model of either WP&Y # 10 or 14 (formerly ET&WNC locos of the same numbers)? I think that would be a 'quick and dirty' way to get a decent representation of one of the WW2-era WP&Y locomotives...

colorado hirailer posted:

I hope you are putting in that long, rickety trestle, either in use, or bypassed as it is today....

I wouldn't imagine someone building even a compressed model of cantilever bridge 18A in O scale, as it'd rival anything ever built on a layout:

Can't wait to see what these hacks will look like when you're done with them!

Dylan Lambert posted:

Out of curiosity, where did you find the drawings to work from of a Class 90?

Unfortunately I didn't find any precise dimension drawing, only one abstract schematic outline drawing with no poor details, which was enough to roughly figure out the proportions of the body shape. All the details (roof, left/right side, front and rear) have been taken in approximation from the photo gallery on the web. While studying the images I noticed some variations between the original end-cab GE90 and the re-built one. I prefer more the old version since I am a vintage guy, but it is not a big effort to derive the modern version. Here few unpainted results in various scales made with my cheap DIY 3D printer...


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