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John,   yes this is a two rail show but the cross over is big. 

I have found all kinds of neat one of a kind buildings to fill out my engine facilities and scenery.  Three of my TTs came from that show, just had to lift out the GG track and replace it with Micro Engineering 2 rail track.   I picked up a round house, diesel shop, freight buildings, tunnel portals, several Z-1000 brick/controllers and 3 rail bridges.

I found quite a few early Atlas 1970's  cars which run well through my upper 3 rail level w/Ross switches, they couple up to the claw couplers, look fine, big flanges and came in at $10 each.  So if $89 bothers you for car prices check out a two rail show.  There is more similarity than difference.

There are quite a few three rail guys that come to every show to pick it clean of buildings, the buildings sell early.  Got my GG from a small 2 rail show in NY.

Both of these staging area TTs were 3 rail.  The 26" was $50.00,  the 32" was $65.00.



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