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You guys are not looking.  Those Chicago contest models are a case in point - Louis Bartig held some sort of record for being the world's best model train builder, but now he has some competition - there is a Rock Island Northern and a couple of SP steamers that showed up this year, and their builder is said to rival Louis' capabilities.  Still searching for who the builder is, but one rumor is a guy named George, and another possibility is Bill Heaton.  I don't know this group - their capabilities are way beyond mine - but I admire their craftsmanship.

I have just received that little loco, impulse buy on the bay in Germany.  It needs a total restoration which is not a problem, it is a two rail model. The pictures where bad quality and I was thinking maybe made in Japan in the fifties but after receiving it... I do not know.

Classic DC motor from the fifties, heavy piece all made of brass, very well done and smooth running. Wheels are steel models. One thing that look strange for me is the cab windows, original or not ?  All of this is in need of a total rebuilt and will be a nice project for the upcoming weeks.

Is it a model of a real locomotive or a freelance one ?  Many thanks for any suggestion. Daniel

When I was in Germany years ago, I went to a train/hobby shop in Hamburg and they had many of these type of engines. If I remember correctly the owner told me there was a small a few manufactures post war and some pre-war.

That is true, I saw pictures of those models and they are really high end pieces and the craftsmanship  is astonishing.

Anyway your models are in a different style and I do not know how to say exactly, have a "charm of their own", representing old school modelling and I appreciate this type of building which is different.

Very best, Daniel

Exactly... kinda like the discussion about "US Hobbies vs 3rd Rail"...

Mark in Oregon

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