Who Made this Overhead Signal?

I attended the ECLSTS Friday 22 Mar 2019. This is my second show, the other was in 2017. I was told that this was the last year for this show at York and it would be in Timonium in 2020. OK with me cuts my travel time from 3 hrs to less than 1 hour. The show seemed to be well attended. I arrived about 10am and there was still a line to get in. Lots of good stuff to buy. I only managed to purchase this Overhead Signal which needs a little wiring work. It is also missing 2 signal holders on a one side.But the way I place this in my layout you can only see one side. I do not know who makes this signal. The only marking is Made in Hong Kong. I have another one of these that was more complete and works great. I use them on my Standard Gauge track.

I would like to know who is the manufacturer of this signal.

Thanks for looking and any help you can provide.

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