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Not 100% sure.  Tender seems Lobaugh, but the locomotive could be scratchbuilt. Gearbox might not be Lobaugh.  The screw holding the eccentric is strange.  And the extra windows in that cab make me think that either very early Lobaugh or Pratt parts may have been used.  Firebox is missing.

I'd call it most likely prewar Lobaugh with maybe postwar tender.  97%.

Delighted that you fixed the title.  I will get some photos of the Pratt/Lobaugh up in a minute or so.

Lobaugh 1221This one is my first Lobaugh 0-6-0 acquisition.DSC025741265 belonged to a friend, and I have no idea where it wentDSC025781243 is mine, and awaits finishing.  Note the firebox. 

all of these are 17/64, Pratt/Lobaugh.Scratch S-91197 is completely scratchbuilt, except for obvious castings (drivers, rods, trucks, motor, and NWSL gears.  I include it to indicate that not all things that look like Lobaugh are in fact Lobaugh.


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  • Lobaugh 1221
  • DSC02574
  • DSC02578
  • Scratch S-9
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