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I cannot find any words or letters on these trucks to identify the manufacturer.  At our local hardware store I found the correct screw/bolt and a washer so these may be used under a Weaver chassis.

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All are atlas/PRB, except the top right...pic not close enough to tell.

None will work on weaver cars correctly, unless u cut out the portion of the center sill at the bolster on the weaver cars....any you'll have to glue the rest of the center sill and braces on the underside back least for weaver box cars.  Other weaver cars can be more of an issue..

Good spotting Dave.   I encourage you to pursue using the trucks on any car.  I’ve used Lionel, Atlas, PRB and K-line on all types of cars and kits, because it’s all about the fitment and “ride height” for an operating layout.  

With a little creative tinkering, Atlas and PRB trucks can be adapted to almost any freight car.  Even wood screws into a wood block inside a car are viable in some applications.  Be brave and prosper!!

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