Who's going to critique MTA newest Subway car?

I saw the photos from visiting the ta site. Absolutely positively unacceptable in every possible way. A nightmare for the elderly who need to sit comforrably. Horrible!!! Reminds me of the line from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid " I got morons on my team".

Cars in that new and very different paint scheme are on the E train currently. The showed up very recently with in the last month or so.

As far as the interiors. The open car ends would be good for passing through cars but I am a bit concerned about telescoping and safety. I think the flip up seats for handicapped seating is both a pinch hazard and a backdoor way to do the proposed end of seating that has been put forward. I think it is VERY unlikely that New York City subway riders will give up thier seats even if asked. I see it on the bus only grudgingly when the driver insists on it. New cars have a much wider space for standing and wheel chair use at the car ends that seems to work well.

The yellow handrails look bad and will scratch off.

The big thing as far as I see it that will affect he most people is the proposal to cut the open hours of the subway. It needs to stay 24 hours that is what makes New York City work. The city will not be able to function with out it. Workers have jobs that start and end at all hours. The idea of the trains starting and stopping at specific hours is laughable. It takes time to get trains positioned to start serving people the whole length of the run.

Whatever politician proposes this will be turned out at the voting booth.


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Maybe this post won't get me shouted down by experts.

Found this info about the new cars. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R211_(New_York_City_Subway_car)

I'm with Andy on the yellow handrails. Keep them polished stainless. The paint will scratch off. I don't like the open car ends personally. How are you going to escape the panhandlers that camp out on the trains.

Lack of seats will definitely get a lot of complaints too.

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I doubt they will revert from 24 hour operation,  I knew people who worked at the TA and they said it would cost more to shut it down overnight then keep it running, including things like extra bus service to potentially cover the shut routes and the cost of shutting down and starting up, closing the stations and so forth. Plus having ridden the subways late at night going back to where I lived in the Northeast bronx, and riding them at all hours, it isn't like the trains are a ghost town, NYC has a lot of 2nd and 3rd shift workforce out there that keep the city going. 

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The open ended cars are the worst idea in my opinion.  Whoever thinks they are good should ride the E train on the midnights  Instead of one car stinking from the gross guy that has never showered and pooped his pants you have five cars that stink.  Also there is a rule that any type of bodily fluids that are either on the floor or seats of a car has to cause that car to be isolated  Which means all the doors of that car are cut out and the end doors locked   DOes that mean half a train is going to be isolated.  Passengers are going to be pretty ticked off when that train comes in a station and half the car doors dont open

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