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I missed the last meet spending most of Aug trying to hack up a I have everything that I had intended to sell (4 tubs) plus an additional 2 tubs for this next meet, and some loose stuff that won't fit.  I'll have lots of cars (brass, resin, and scratchbuilt), structures (scratchbuilt), at least 1 built up trolley with a drive unit in it, trucks, and lots of parts & "stuff" all priced to go home with someone else and negotiable.  It has to get sold since I need the space!!!

Who else is making it to this meet?

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Just curious.....are they (pilots) steam or diesel or both? Made to order?


They had all sorts of diesel pilots.  They may have had steam,  I wasn't looking so did not pay attention.

Assuming they make to order if they don't have any in stock.  We can both find out from the website if someone else who goes to Strasburg can help me remember the vendors name.


@mwb posted:

Looks like it's going to be a wet day on Sat.,

Pack your water wings and rubber duckies, and get to Strasburg to grab all the bargains!

Martin Carl Dimino and I will be there with 3 tables full of parts , cars and lots of different items.  Going to bring a few three rail things in case any of our three rail buddies attend.   So you train folks  come in out of the rain say Hi to some really nice folks, maybe even make a couple of new friends .   


I hope to see you all there.


Despite a wet drive to and from Strasburg, attendance was good, sales were solid (ok, mine were...), and over a $1k was raised auctioning off the layout, structure, and the rest to benefit the fire station.

Lots a great deals and bargains that I passed on (regretting more than a few now...) but being in a pretty strict liquidation//purge mode, very little came home with me (detail parts like brass brake wheels...) other than the unsold stuff.  As usual, unpredictable what sort of stuff sells but as long as some does, objective met!

If you were not there, you missed a good show.  Next Strasburg show is April 13th.

@Ed Kelly posted:

I missed the show for personal reasons.  Can anyone shed some light on the "Collection from out of our area",  the predominant road, the quality of the items, etc?

Was supposed to be a collection coming in from Cincinnati predominately B&O//PRR. No idea if it was ever there....I took a few spins about the meet to look at what I was not going to buy and stayed close to my tables most of the day.

Have to confess that this show seems to break up earlier and earlier now. Folks were packing up at noon,   We hung around for a while after the auction was done but its end seemed to be the signal for everyone else to start packing.

Does make for a slightly better drive home on a rainy drive....

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