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So I have two MTH premier steam engines that I bought at the warehouse auction, both unfinished with 95% of the detail pieces included and installed by me.  Some of the detail pieces were 3D printed if they were missing from the package, but these are fully functional locos that are HEAVY, BIG and GEORGEOUS. I also spent a TON of time fitting these out with Pittman motors, LEDs and all the bells and whistles. Smoke / lights all working as designed.

These are NOT factory new, they are unpainted, one-of-a-kind samples that were made operational by me.  Therefore, there will be things that aren't factory standard, or slightly different detail pieces, or modifications that were made for my mechanical and electrical systems.  But they both run flawlessly, and ONLY have a few minutes run time so I could test them out.  Alas, my layout isn't big enough to accommodate the giant wheel assemblies (they MUST have 072 minimum curves or you're gonna have a bad day).

Both include unmarked but original MTH packaging (purple boxes / foam inserts).

The first is an S-1 that is fully operational with PS2.0 3V system in place.  You can follow the complete build and all of the mechanicals in my thread here.

The second is an absolutely monster Articulated R-2 2-8-8-2 that I custom installed a Bluerail (battery or track power with toggle switch) DCC system in with a TCS WOW501 Steam sound and feature decoder.  The Bluerail system alone is worth a pretty penny, and the monster speaker, Ipad control and EXTENSIVE sound set are AMAZING! You can see that one in this thread here.

I will happily send more pictures or drawings as requested (yes, I have schematics for these mostly complete as well).

What I seek is an MTH premier METRA gallery car set 6 cars with the PLAIN silver sides (not the red / blue striped sides) including three cars and a cab car, plus either the FP40 loco or the E9 Blue and red and white.  Cars are 20-65192 & 20-66055 seen in this page here.

If you have either loco, I can arrange some additional funds to add on to the set to make it an equitable trade. Let's wheel and deal!


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