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@totrainyard posted:

Williams by Bachmann would be likely importer.

They already have the drawings and just have to enlarge the molds to O scale size.

They may want to see how well the HO model sells first.

The economy will dictate the demand in addition to the presence of the new chargers in the coming years with Amtrak.  If MTH does become Menards Train House and continues to produce Amfleet and Superliner passenger cars that would help the demand for the Charger no matter who would make it in O-Scale.

Short Answer: Williams by Bachmann

Long Answer: It is going to be a while before we see a Charger made in O Scale. From what I have heard, Bachmann does have an exclusive deal to make the Chargers in HO but they did jump the gun a bit. The Chargers that will be rolled out on Amtrak's nationwide route network will have a different nose cone shape (to make it easily interchangeable in the case of a collision) and larger fuel tanks. Additionally, Amtrak announced five of the Charger's Phase VI paint scheme to honor the company's 50th anniversary, another heritage unit that has yet to be announced, and the normal Phase VII scheme these units will wear has also yet to be announced. Maybe we know in May during Amtrak's 50th-anniversary celebrations what they will all look like. Siemens charges model makers a pretty penny to make their locomotives and that is why we have yet to see(n) MTH or Lionel take the plunge into making the ACS-64. Bachmann already having a deal in place to produce them in HO gives me hope that they will produce them in O Scale. My only hope is that they will be detailed models.

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But one would think if someone wanted the model, that person would want to ride the real thing.

Well, I doubt a mere mortal modeller is going to get a cab ride on an SC-44...    Amtrak service isn't ubiquitous, it may not be convenient for a modeller in certain parts of the country to even ride Amtrak, let alone hope there's an SC-44 on the point of the train he's booked on.


I may very well be Bachmann.  I've only ever had one WBB item (about 8 years ago) but would be excited to see this in O Scale and would buy an Amtrak one in a heartbeat.  Now if they did the would do an optional nose cone for the SCB-40 and put one in Brightline colors, I would buy one in half a heartbeat.

That being said, as Jonathan said, maybe 3rd Rail would do it.  I'll jump on that one too.

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