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here's an earlier video where the smoke was off on the rear mainline. The engines did not stumble across the switch. I had an issue with the PS2 rear engine stumbling last month and I found that the engine only had one power pick up point on the engineer's side. I rewired and added another pickup. So now the lead engine will need this modification.

Ever since I bought the larger Atlas 7.5 switches, and have dead frogs, engines have been giving me grief. When I ballasted, things got worse. I believe glue residue created even more issues. A piece of ballast got inside a 3/2 engine and melted an axle!

I must have been lucky that I originally had only Atlas 5.5 switches and did not realize it. The shorter dead frog helped the engines.

So???? power the frogs properly? (more work and $$) or...Run with the smoke off? ( no fun for us) or ....modify every engine?

Moral= do it right the first time. Buy Tortoise switch machines or similar and power the frogs!


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Very nice Joe    Good thing about 2 rail when one engine stalls you don't throw a traction tire.

Which is something I absolutely LOVE about having switched over to the scale-wheel MTH diesels years ago. The only three I've bought with Hi-Rail wheels were two AGEIR box cabs because they weren't available with scale wheels, and a Williams GE 44-ton which I plan to convert to scale wheels at some point.

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