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The latest #4 kit for the Frank Ellison Tribute Series by Brennans model railroading has been announced.

Its the Sanky [skanky] Wanky Coffee Co.

It appears to be a nice medium size brick structure remenicent of a small factory of the 1930's til the 1960's with a loading dock, two chimneys, foundation and a rooftop access stairwell. A pic is on Brennans F.B. page.

I think im in for one.

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Ha! If you haven't heard of Sanka Decaffeinated Coffee, I can understand why you went there. Sanka brand Coffee was very popular and greatly advertised back then. Ellison used other well know product names to inform his whimsical names such as Carter's Little River Mills (Carter's Little Liver Pills).

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Merriam Webster defines "wanky" as "weak, feeble" so the name may reflect how a regular (not decaffeinated) coffee drinker regarded Sanka.  Nowadays, you can get many or most coffees in decaffeinated form but it seems to me that back in Frank Ellison's day, Sanka was pretty much the only game in town.  Even in my lifetime, IIRC, it seems that as late as the early 1970s Sanka seemed to be the only widely available decaffeinated coffee. 

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