When I'm wrong I'm not afraid to admit it. Until today I could come up with 100 reasons why the move away from the remote was the wrong direction. I'm old school and it took me awhile to go from the transformer to a remote. I love my remote though it took a little bit of time to fully accept the transition.

Today I found out that using my tablet is far better than using my remote. I purchased my first Lionchief set, the Polar Express 15 year anniversary. This was actualy purchased for my grand daughter. 

Well I set it up and was happy with the remote. My daughter and grand daughter came over and my grand daughter just loves trains. She has learn how to use my DCS remote though at times she pushed a few wrong buttons like that red one.

In any event she was using the Lionchief remote. She didn't do too bad with it. So my daughter reads about the Bluetooth. She went ahead and installed it on my Samsung tablet.  Now my grand daughter is 3 years old and basically has grown up using a tablet.

It took her all of a minute to learn all the functions using the screen. She absolutely operates the train faster and more efficiently with the tablet. No more remote for her.  I tired to get her to use the remote and no way. Now she wants to operate my DSC sysytem with the tablet. She doesnt really understand why she cant. I guess that means I'm going to have to change that.

To be honest I found out that I too love using my tablet, until today I would have told you no way. Then I would have given you those 100 reasons why a remote is better.

You want kids to interact with trains I strongly suggest you set it up for blue tooth or WiFi. You might just find out they can operate your layout faster and better than you can with your old remote.

Thus a 3 year old sold me on giving up the remote.

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There is a price to giving up the remote for alternative methods of controlling the trains or the layout. 

One doesn't the detail of configuring engines, accessories, switches and such and some features of the more expensive engines are accessible when using a mobile device via WIFI or Bluetooth to operate the layout.

You have discovered that for most users those limitations are not noticed and the method of control increases the play value because of familiarity with the devices.

So, as the railroad owner and dispatcher, keep your remotes hidden- well, maybe not the LionChief, but the DCS and Legacy for sure.

Fun story - you have a new model railroader! Tickets please! 


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