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Hi Paul,


That enlargement feature only works for photos uploaded to the OGR site, not photos linked from Photobucket. The Photobucket photos will automatically be resized to the small format with no ability to enlarge.


I have my most complete albums of photos on Photobucket with a pro account, too. What I've been doing is copying the larger image from Photobucket to my desktop. Then I upload to the OGR site to get the enlargement feature. In the future, I'll keep more photos on my computer to save the extra step. 



Thanks, Jim for spot-on advice...AGAIN!


What Jim has said is correct. Even if you have a photo album site, all the files there originated from your computer at some point in time. In other words, you had to upload them to Photobucket, Flickr, etc. from your computer.


If you know where those files are on your computer, just upload them here, at their full size. Images can be up to 25 MEGAbytes in size now! If you do it that way, then the "click to enlarge" feature will work for this:


91_CSX_Hoppers OGR FORUM


This is NKP 765 pulling a CSX freight train back in 1991.


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  • NKP 765 pulling a CSX freight train in 1991.
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