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I just received a new Verizon system and the whole house WiFi seems to be messing with the NCE radio system.

My NCE radio system was working flawlessly before the new installation but does not work now.  All of my Sunset diesels on the RR flash their headlight but won't move or respond to any commands.  Neither will the Tsunami powered steamers.

I will be calling Verizon today to disable the WiFi system.

Your thoughts, please.  This is a 2 rail RR.



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Your new Verizon equipment almost certainly has a local web page that it hosts, inside it. that you should be able to call up.  On it will be a means to disable the Wi-Fi service, either temporarily or permanently.   No need to call Verizon.

The instructions that came with the equipment should list the web address to type into your browser to load this page.

Remember though if you use a WiFi connection to get to this page, and then shut off the WiFi, by using the page, you won't be able to turn it back on after that, because you will have broken the connection to your computer that is necessary to reactivate it.

However if you use an Ethernet cable to connect your computer to the equipment you can turn it off without fear, because you won't need WiFi to be on in order to turn the WiFi back on.  Make sense?


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