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Well, sorry I am late, just got back from dinner. I didn't realize I never took a good picture of the board with all the details. Thanks @ed h for getting that shot up close. I don't know why I didn't get that. @Berkshire President, I doubt I would be able to convince Ryan to Dullcote it.

Ryan did say that there is going to be two different tender style, what I guess you would consider normal, the other being an extended tender(I think that is how he worded it, or close to what he said). Regardless though, I think @superwarp1 Gary is right, this is probably going to cost at least $2,500 or dang near close. Of course this really depends on what all the features they jam into it. I guess we'll see what that is when we see it. I'll see about getting better pictures tomorrow on this so I can even read it. All I did was look at the different engines and that was it. I would have thought I would do more work than that. Bad me.



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Prewar version of the A had a boiler tube pilot and tender with smaller coal bunker and water capacity. If you remember the Y3 Lionel did last year the tender would be similar.

The postwar Class A had a solid, cast steel pilot and larger, riveted tender. Same tender used as the Y6b. Those are the most notable differences. Also the prototype 1238 had roller bearing side and main drive rods.

@N&WGuy posted:

I heard a rumor about this last year and I’m so glad to see it was true!! 😁 When will Lionel be releasing the concept art for all the different schemes?

Ryan did say that they would do a press release on it being the new VL engine, but I imagine that they art will come out when the catalog does.

@superwarp1 posted:

One thing I hope they offer is weathering by Harry Heike

Ryan did tell me that the NYC weathered Mohawk they weren't doing I guess because they didn't get enough orders for those. I would imagine that this would be in the same boat if they did a weathered version. I didn't ask Ryan specifically about that but that is because I am not a weathered guy. I would wager that it is possible Mr. Muffin would do one, but that is the thing were Lionel says it voids the warranty on it(was it?).

At 2500 bananas, I'd rather buy a TMCC A and upgrade the smoke and possibly the speaker(s).

10K should buy more than four model train engines, in my book.

The other problem that I, personally, have with this price point is that it exceeds what Third Rail is charging for something comparable....for usually better detail and far better QC.

Or send it to me for a basic LEGACY conversion that includes whistle steam.

At 2500 bananas, I'd rather buy a TMCC A and upgrade the smoke and possibly the speaker(s).

10K should buy more than four model train engines, in my book.

The other problem that I, personally, have with this price point is that it exceeds what Third Rail is charging for something comparable....for usually better detail and far better QC.

I knew it would probably be around that price just i like a diecast shell more than brass . i am worried about the problems these things may have for some folks

just wish i could get my hands on the prewar, WW2 or fantasy version oh well

Most likely the ordering will be in the new catalog come whenever, January/February I guess. Ryan thought maybe they had done a little press release on FB but he hadn't had time to take a look(and since the cell coverage is really spotty, hard to look here at York for anyone inside the halls anyway). Well, no preview yet. I would imagine that it is possible they will run the press release most likely Monday/Tuesday next week since everyone is still at York. Perhaps they want to capture everyone when they have returned home or to work.

I did get much better pictures today of the engine and the board so it can easily be read by all. I also saw that they had a video running up top(above the model at the top of the booth) which I didn't see yesterday. I don't know if that was on at the time I ran through there or if they put it on later. Some of the features will be safety pop off valves, whistle steam, kinematic coupler, road specific crew talk, smoke stack smoke, and something else which has not been revealed(will be when they release the catalog, something they have never done). We can speculate all we want, but it is not going to get us anywhere. I jokingly said to someone that it transforms into a robot. That would of course be the worst feature for a steam locomotive, but at least the price would be inline if it was a real robot, lol.

Enough of that silly joking, lets get down to some pictures.


I tried to get a good view of all sides of the engine, couldn't do anything about the glare on the backside. I would have had to ask Ryan or someone remove the case which they might do, but I don't know. Maybe I will ask that tomorrow and see if they can just for some shots.

One further thing to note. Ryan was asked by someone about the possible cost, though he had a number it is not a final one because of some of the electronics pricing(not figured out just yet). He did not even give the possible cost I would guess to just CHA, which is understandable. He doesn't want to say $5.00, and then they come out with a figure of $30.00, as an example.


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Hey Dave:  in the background of some of those pictures is a SP Daylight loco, on a display shelf.

Is that just the VL GS-4 on display....or is it something else?

Thanks for the great reporting, BTW!!

It doesn't say. I'll have to ask Ryan about that tomorrow. I would imagine that it should be considering that the VL 2-10-10-2 is right above it.

Also, here is the video that Lionel just put out about 2 hours ago on their YouTube channel. At least it is something further to look at.

VL Class A video from Lionel

I wonder if Lionel will offer the Class A in a VL Set? Plus is the additional feature a depleting coal load?

I’m really hoping for a set! I had sent Lionel an email a few years ago about doing these A’s and I had suggested a War Time Set with an A, N&W boxcar, some 40 foot N&W flats with Sherman tanks, and a caboose. Don’t know if they ever saw that email, but I’m hoping they did!2925631A-9599-4307-81CD-8E697B3FE96C


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@Bruk posted:

Or send it to me for a basic LEGACY conversion that includes whistle steam.

Truth be told, I’d bet the old TMCC A class with your magical touch would be a far superior product …..if I have a hunger for a Legacy locomotive, off to you or Sid it goes,….those early 2000’s Korean made Lionels and MTH Premier engines are some of the most robust pieces of equipment to come from overseas,…combine that with yours & Sid’s attention to detail and care, how could anybody go wrong??…old world craftsmanship speaks volumes over mass production,…..BTW, I thought of you guys as I cruised the halls, and saw quite a few TMCC A class locomotives for cheap!….


It'll be interesting to see how they pull it off. With all the versions of the A they claim to be making they'll need a matrix to see what matches where. As built the early engines did not have covers over the sand lines coming out of the domes. To make the versions reasonably accurate we'd be talking about 3 different tenders (really should be 4), 2 different types of tender trucks, 2 different sets of crosshead guides, different side rods, pilots, and some other things I've been trying to wrap my mind around. It can be done, but sometimes they seem to overlook things that would have been simple to do, that they've even already made before, and just have to apply this or that part to this project here and there.

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Ryan said the "mystery" feature would be something new and not something they've ever done previously.  That being the case, the depleting coal load is out, it's been done.

I am really curious whats in a steam engine that they haven't done already? i do hope there is a set of some kind as well maybe a world war 2 set or coal hauler set like i have wanted with diecast hoppers even though i can't afford it i can still dream

Well, I made it home just a bit ago. I got lucky this morning when I went over to the booth. Ryan was doing a promo for it and they had the cover off of it. When I get settled and set up I'll post all those photos here. I got all sides with nothing to case any glare. It may be a bit hard to see, but we're talking about a 3D printed shell anyway.

Also, I would imagine that they will throw in(at extra cost since there is no set offering listed at this time anyhow)some sort of rolling stock to pull behind it, whatever would be the most typical for maybe all the versions(except the passenger one). Having said that, they may just run some N&W cars instead of doing other rolling stock. I would hope that if the do passenger cars, they do freight as well.

Having said that mouthful, I'd advise anyone that really wants one of these that is in the pinch already to save up money for it and also seek an option like what Steve Nelson has of the lay-buy. You don't put any money up front(unless he already has it), you can put down a certain percentage, choose how long the layaway is for and it will automatically deduct the amount whenever it is due. That's just my personal opinion for those folks in the pinch.

The only other options are to wait, see what comes out, buy or don't buy, or get nothing when you can't pay. Pat's suggestion about getting a TMCC one and getting upgraded is the only other option, and will cost a lot less unless you get tussled over on buying the TMCC version. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but we've seen nutty prices.

@Will Ebbert posted:

This is a long shot, but a neat feature for an articulated would be actual wheel slip on one set of drivers. It would require an additional motor and perhaps some way to take some weight off the front set of drivers but it would be pretty cool.

I never thought of that as a feature! It would be interesting to see.

Maybe they're going to give the engine real time conditions that display on the remote/app like steam pressure, water and fuel level, etc. If this is the case, I sure hope they have some overly dramatic sound effects for when your water level gets too low

I don't mind thinking about the new possible feature. It's a good opportunity to brain storm cool ideas that could be possible in the near future. Maybe they'll have a cab cam! Maybe they'll have holographic projections of the figures getting out and doing maintenance!

I'm surprised some members here haven't come around to say "maybe it'll have packaging that protects it during shipping" or something to that extent haha

Here are the full shots, though I could only get some much on the fireman's side.

Also, really doubt that there would be any sort of wheel slipping going on at all. The gearing would have to be independent of each other for the drive wheels to begin with, and like John said, no way. That alone would just grind the gear up to send it back for a warranty repair or end up like the Moguls. I really doubt Lionel would want something that is supposed to be big like this, be a dud right out of the box. Ryan was doing the pitch for these which I am sure we'll see on their FB or on their YouTube(probably already since it was this morning) when I started shooting.



Remember, it is a 3D shell and not the real thing.


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I didn't think about this until just a few seconds ago. They'll probably have auxiliary tenders for these unless they weren't used, in a few variations. Obviously one would be the standard prototypical one, other would be the passenger style.

I forgot to mention what Sean of "Sean's Trains" had said to me yesterday as a possible feature which I doubted was a waving engineer or crewman. I didn't think this would be a viable option as it would be hard to pop what would be needed to get it to work in that tight area. Plus Dave would probably roll his eyes.

Whatever idea they have come up with as a feature, that is probably going to or already has gone through some pre-testing this a bunch but naturally need more testing of whatever it is. Maybe when you open the smoke box door gold pours out?

@BillYo414 posted:

Maybe they're going to give the engine real time conditions that display on the remote/app like steam pressure, water and fuel level, etc. If this is the case, I sure hope they have some overly dramatic sound effects for when your water level gets too low

You mean something like this…B05E534C-4A37-482B-BA44-6CE44C5156BB

but now some more critical sounds when the water gets low would be good😉


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I totally agree! The N&W always gets the shaft when it comes to Lionel’s productions. It seems like there’s always something wrong with each release. Let’s hope they get this one right. 🙏🏻🤞🏻🙏🏻

I’d really like a painted 1218 but their track record makes me want to get the Pilot version or at least wait till I see one out of the box.

Mystery Special Feature:

My money is on “Cab Vision”😎 The engine will have a camera that connects to Wifi as if you were sitting in the engineer’s seat. 😎

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@Joe Congemi posted:

How is N&W way overdone? It’s been close to 20 years since Lionel has made an N&W Class A and it’s a rare day when an accurate N&W steam engine that’s not a J or a Y6b is manufactured.

Its funny you say accurate, I have never seen Lionel do anything accurate and it's funny how people only bring up Lionel when I say it's been way overdone like they are the only train manufacturer that does 3 rail models.

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