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I was looking at a LC+ D&H RS3 and this is what the LHS owner wrote, when I asked him to verify that it would operate under conventional transformer control:

Good Morning,
Yes, that would be one of the options.

User-selected operational modes: Conventional AC transformer control mode or LionChief® wireless remote control with AC or DC power
Bluetooth Control - Operate with LionChief Plus Remote Remote or LionChief App
Thank you for your interest.

ok - who’s wrong?

No one's wrong, I believe. LC+ (or LC + 2.0, which also includes TMCC/Legacy control) can operate under any of Bluetooth, LionChief remote enclosed with loco purchase,  or the LionChief universal remote, and traditional transformer operation. It's only the LionChief without the + that cannot operate by transformer, and can only operate via the remote enclosed with purchase,  or the universal LionChief remote (and more recently Bluetooth).  Perhaps a little confusing, but this is how the technology progressed.  Lionel still offers LionChief in sets and separate sale that won't operate by transformer alone.  But everything else (LC+, LC + 2.0) can operate by transformer.

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Regular LC is meant to be introductory, but is nevertheless marvelous technology. I have several sets and enjoy them.

I DO wish they worked with conventional transformer throttle like LC+ and all the MTH line. That would make so much sense to me. But alas--it's not to be, and we are left to enjoy them--or not---exactly as they are.

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