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@Tom Tee posted:

AF made three rail 0 gauge track before WWII, I do not know if they made 2 rail 0 gauge.

S gauge and 0 gauge, as said, are two different widths of rail separation gauges.  However that was not your question. 

Instead of S scale you used the term American Flyer,  AF made 2 rail HO trains in the 50's.  Those early 2 rail AF trains will run on today's 0 scale 0n30 narrow gauge track.  (Only shared to muddy the water) 

Here's the original question: Will O scale 2-rail to day run, on American Flyer 2-railtrack?

Hate to break the news to you, but HO has NOTHING to do with the question above. The question is about modern O scale 2 rail. Will it run of AF 2 rail track.


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