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QUESTION:  If I try to run these Proto 1 (Protosound) cars on DC, will they run -- or will I DAMAGE the electronics ??

At the moment I have several DC transformers, but no AC transformers.

If I Google the phrase "Will MTH Protosound 1 locomotives run on DC current?", I find discussions on running Proto 2 and Proto 3 on DC (those apparently will run on DC) --but I've been able to find nothing about running Proto 1 on DC

THANKS . . .

. . . . for any advice you can provide.

The Details:

  • I have acquired 3 used MTH O-ga. PCC cars (and 1 Brill) .
  • They are all Protosound 1 (aka Protosound).
  • I just want to TEST-run them -- to find out if-and-how-well they run.
  • I don't care about DIRECTION control; I just want to test them.
  • ((Someday in the FUTURE, I hope to get the Protosound electronics REMOVED -- and have them converted to either DC or DCC.))


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